• 2021 Year in review – Looking back at the most exciting events of the year

    The year 2021 has proved itself to be even more difficult than the previous one. Given the unusual circumstances and the lack of any and all social activities for the past two years, our work was also affected by Covid-19 and the following events. We continued our work-from-home schedule with the option of working in […]

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  • The Importance of Right Website Localization

    As the world is becoming more globalized by the day, many companies look for opportunities to spread their influence and brand awareness to as many markets as possible. Just being online is not enough, businesses need to be in line with the new tendencies, social media gravity, blogging and technology advancements.

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  • SEO Basic Strategies for Start-up Websites

    Internet gives unlimited opportunities to promote and develop your business if you know how to properly use and apply the basic principles of online marketing. At first, SEO may seem as a whole science to you and that is impossible to comprehend, especially if you are a beginner. However, with time you will become more […]

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  • Is SEO everything?

    Search engine optimization is a term that has entered widely our work and daily life in the last several years and has changed the digital world beyond recognition.

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  • Flat Rock Technology joins the list of best software developers in London

      With so many talented development teams in the world currently, it can be extremely difficult to stand out as a top provider. At Flat Rock Technology, we work hard to create products and deliver code that guarantees our clients’ satisfaction. We are committed to our clients, and as such, have not always had the […]

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