• Data Migration

    Data migration strategy and best practices

    Data is one of the most valuable sources a business might have. It enhances companies’ abilities to make data-driven decisions and drive their business forward. Data gathering is a continuous process, and as a result, data in various formats is pouring from different systems into the company’s data storage every day. At some point, the […]

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  • what does a data analyst do?

    What Does a Data Analyst do? – Nikolay Kolev explains

    Data analytics is a trendy term that might have caught your attention. If you are interested in technologies and the digital world, this might sound like a perfect career to pursue. But what do data analysts really do? To answer this question and give you more clarity about the work of a data analyst, we […]

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  • A day in the life of the data analyst

    A day in the life of the data analyst

    Today business revolves around data. From startups to small businesses, large companies, and international enterprises – every business deal with data in one way or another. Data analytics can be as diverse as the business world itself. Each industry and company use a different kind of data based on their services and goals. As a result, the […]

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