• The Importance of Right Website Localization

    As the world is becoming more globalized by the day, many companies look for opportunities to spread their influence and brand awareness to as many markets as possible. Just being online is not enough, businesses need to be in line with the new tendencies, social media gravity, blogging and technology advancements.

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  • Why It Is Essential to Have a Mobile Ready Website

    Consumers become more demanding and refined in their choices. Consequently, loyalty to a certain company and brand is a relative notion and has stepped back to make some space for convenience, speed, originality and better prices.

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  • How to Choose a Suitable Website Colour – Part 1

    By Polina Ilieva, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock The number of websites, as per December 2012, was reported to be 634 million. Every year more than 51 million new pages are added. An average, the US Internet user browses more than 138 webpages a day. How many do you browse? Do you remember all […]

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  • How to Choose a Suitable Website Colour – Part 2

    By Poly, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock Colour perception has always been one of the most commonly discussed topics when developing a marketing concept. The choice of a colour scheme depends on the audience that your business is targeting. Picking the right website colours will grab your users’ attention at first sight and as […]

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  • What is Graphical User Interface?

    By Yana, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock Interacting with computers these days is really facilitated. We switch them on and what we see is a nice set of icons. Usually we are on a ‘click’ away from the desired action and the best part is that we can actually see what is happening. This […]

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  • Don’t Discount Mobile Marketing and Design and Here is Why

    Guest article by Ivan Serrano Whether you want to admit it or not, the world and by association the Internet is going mobile. In the US alone 58 percent of adults own a smartphone and worldwide there are 2.03 billion smartphone users. It’s clear that the convenience of mobile is quickly taking the world by […]

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