• Benefits of e-commerce websites that will help you scale your business

    E-commerce websites offer plenty of advantages to businesses. If you are not online, you are missing an opportunity to increase your sales and scale your business. Whether you want to have a physical and online shop or aim to be a fully online merchant, the benefits of e-commerce websites will show you how you can optimize your […]

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  • Magento or OpenCart? Which is the Better E-commerce Platform?

    by Teodor, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock If you’re looking to sell your products online, you need an e-commerce store. You can easily make a profit with your own e-commerce solutions. These days this kind of business is maybe the most attractive for retailers. In general, diving into the e-commerce business is absolutely necessary […]

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  • Why Magento? A Review

    by Teodor, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock Nowadays online shopping is vital for the business. However, this service is not only another opportunity. If someone would like to increase their sales and benefits from their product or service, they need to use the advantages of the e-commerce platforms. This trend requires more technical knowledge indeed […]

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  • How to Convince Customers to Shop Online

    by Teodor, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock Nowadays e-commerce is a well-known opportunity for starting a new business. This trend has been increasing phenomenally in the last few years and a lot of business owners expand their businesses by using online shops. It should be considered though, that this is still a new way of […]

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