• 2021 Year in review – Looking back at the most exciting events of the year

    The year 2021 has proved itself to be even more difficult than the previous one. Given the unusual circumstances and the lack of any and all social activities for the past two years, our work was also affected by Covid-19 and the following events. We continued our work-from-home schedule with the option of working in […]

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  • How to Choose the Right Business Model for Your Project

    By Polina Ilieva, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock Once you receive a new project and you realize that you will need the assistance of a third party, some of the companies get frustrated, as they don’t know how to proceed. The following article makes an overview of the different business models, which can be […]

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  • One Side, One Team

    By Ran Berger, Flat Rock CEO So, you started your project, you chose your supplier, set up an internal project team and you are all ready to go. We all know that it is not that simple to deliver and to complete projects on time, quality and budget. So what can we really do beyond […]

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  • Contact Master – The easier way to follow up on your business contacts

                Business cards are the quickest way to hand someone your contact info and keep the connection going after every networking event. But do you know what’s the worst part about them? Having to keep all the business cards you collect in your wallet or typing them manually.       […]

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  • Flat Rock Technology joins the list of best software developers in London

      With so many talented development teams in the world currently, it can be extremely difficult to stand out as a top provider. At Flat Rock Technology, we work hard to create products and deliver code that guarantees our clients’ satisfaction. We are committed to our clients, and as such, have not always had the […]

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  • Story Creator widget

    Story Creator: Create and publish stories on your website

    Since the birth of Snapchat, the ephemeral content has conquered the hearts of many. Companies are using Facebook and Instagram stories successfully to showcase their best offers and products. Now you can do it on your WordPress website too!  With our Story Creator widget for WordPress, you will be able to publish powerful stories. Engage […]

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