• Successful Email Campaigns Strategies: Outsmart the Spam Filters

    Even an effective campaign such as the email marketing one has to face the challenges of the changing digital market. In order to ensure that your message will reach your clients, it should first pass through a spam filter defense and then be attractive enough to convince the end user open it. This means that […]

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  • How to Keep the Visitors on Your Webpage

    By Polina Ilieva, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock The website serves as a bridge between companies and their customers. Once a business decides to go ahead and build their own website, they should be aware of the audience and its expectations in order to create a suitable design and content.

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  • Don’t Discount Mobile Marketing and Design and Here is Why

    Guest article by Ivan Serrano Whether you want to admit it or not, the world and by association the Internet is going mobile. In the US alone 58 percent of adults own a smartphone and worldwide there are 2.03 billion smartphone users. It’s clear that the convenience of mobile is quickly taking the world by […]

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  • Flat Rock Technology joins the list of best software developers in London

    With so many talented development teams in the world currently, it can be extremely difficult to stand out as a top provider. At Flat Rock Technology, we work hard to create products and deliver code that guarantees our clients’ satisfaction. We are committed to our clients, and as such, have not always had the time […]

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  • Story Creator widget

    Story Creator: Create and publish stories on your website

    Since the birth of Snapchat, the ephemeral content has conquered the hearts of many. Companies are using Facebook and Instagram stories successfully to showcase their best offers and products. Now you can do it on your WordPress website too!  With our Story Creator widget for WordPress, you will be able to publish powerful stories. Engage […]

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