Outsourcing to Bulgaria. Europe’s IT outsourcing destination

We have already talked about trends in IT outsourcing and the likelihood that more and more companies will realise the benefits of outsourcing in Europe. In the article Outsourcing to Europe: Technology and IT Outsourcing in Bulgaria we looked at some figures connected to Bulgaria’s performance on the labour market opportunities, education, strong IT development fields and average salaries for the IT market.

Outsourcing to Bulgaria and other Eastern and Central European countries, however, will be much more enticing in near future because of location, transportation, language, ease of communication, culture.

Bearing that in mind we have prepared a short presentation about Bulgaria and why it is such a desirable destination for a number of IT companies. The presentation will show you facts and figures that you have maybe never thought about or realised. You can get to know the Balkan country in a completely different light.

Bulgaria is world-known for its achievements and inventions in technology, IT, maths and sciences. Robotics, nanotechnologies, astronomy, computing and mathematics are some of the many fields Bulgarians have shown exceptional results.

Flat Rock Technology Bulgarian outsourcing office dives into the pool of many talented IT specialists to deliver world-class IT solutions for customers from all over the world.

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