About the client

Claus Christensen is a Danish entrepreneur and passionate car enthusiast. BookAclassic was brought into the world because we'd had enough of characterless, dull and boringly practical vehicles.


The client was using WordPress as a CMS for years and was happy with the way it manages content but was not happy with the way it integrates with our bespoke system. What we did was to create new WP instance that we upgraded to better suit our needs and then we ripped the presentation layer of WordPress and added our own bespoke one, which allowed us to integrate content way better into the system than ever before. Since the system operates in 37 countries we needed a CMS that allows easy management.

The challenge

Before the redesign - there were 37 individual instances of the system that were accompanied by 37 individual instances of the CMS, all of those working independently and unable to share information among themselves. One of the goals of the redesign was to reduce the number of instances and allow data sharing. Now a customer from Denmark (for example) can navigate to the instance of the website, find a vehicle from the UK and book it for his UK holiday. Before that, the customer had to open the UK site and create a new account, fill in his profile and payment information and then book a vehicle. Moreover, this change allows one global management system/ administration, that can be used to manage all 37 countries at once, while still retaining the fine-grain access-control. Additionally, this allows a given admin to operate over just one country (for example, PT country manager admin). To make the merge of 37 countries possible we had to consolidate all the separated data into new and redesigned database and that allowed us to grow and implement a lot of new features.