Safely store all your insurance details in one place

What is
Insurance Vault?

Insurance Vault is an Android and iOS application that allows you to quickly and easily store and manage your insurance data starting from policy details and personal contacts, to images and documents. Through a simple and modern interface you can add and browse all your insurance forms. Reminders are available and adjustable according to the user preferences and they pop up at the insurance due date.

Main features

  • Login via email or Facebook

  • Emergency calls

  • Broker quick calls

  • Request for renewal quote

  • Reminders list for upcoming renewals

  • Upload copies of insurance documents

  • Unlimited number of insurances under each category

  • Two-tier notification system for expiring insurance records

Just a tap

The times of missed payments will be now long forgotten. Apart from being a great tool for tracking documents, the app is also a bridge between yourself, in the role of a user, and your insurance company. Getting a quote for a new insurance is now just a tap away.