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What is

Sharkhire is an online assessment system for human resources agencies and companies that are interested in their employees’ performance and skills. It is an effortless and timesaving way to compare job candidates and employees’ performance, the perfect tool for any HR manager, researcher or analyst.

testing system

Sharkhire was designed with flexibility, security and ease of use in mind. It offers reduced time and cost-per-hire, needing no installation and being available 24/7 anywhere. Sharkhire offers an instant analysis of the results, reduces employee turnover and helps increase employee satisfaction.

Do the countless job interviews with candidates who lack the necessary knowledge and skills cause you headaches? Do you need to check your employees' knowledge periodically with different tests, whose organization takes you too much time and not always delivers the expected results?

Do you deal with trainings, the effectiveness of which needs to be verified…
…or do you just need online based tests?

The solution is Sharkhire!

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