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Our responsive plugin will help you customise, schedule and publish powerful stories on your website. Engage your audience today and make sure they don't miss your latest news.

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Coming soon! New high-heels collection will be available next week.

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Big Winter Sale! Shop our selection of Winter boots for Women.

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How does it work ?

How Does it work ?

Stories are a unique approach to raise brand awareness and increase conversions, this is why we developed our Story Creator. To accelerate your business and boost your sales.

With Story Creator, you can customise, schedule and publish powerful stories on your website. It’s a new way to reach and engage with your audience and point their attention in the right direction.

Story Creator works across all devices, providing a fully responsive design.

no coding required

Why Story Creator ?

Why Story Creator ?

You can now create engaging content and make the production of stories as easy as possible.

From fashion to electronics, beauty and beyond, this is the perfect tool for any industry.

Wondering how people will stay on your site longer?

The plugin will do that work for you, showing the latest news and promotions.

Story Creator gives you the flexibility to manage the looks and display of the badge. It has a variety of customisation options to exactly fit your website.

You get to choose from different colours, shapes and website positions.

It's your call.

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How to level-up your website ?

Now you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

Include links to your stories to help your audience to interact or buy the showcased product. This way your clients will never miss the latest deal or special event.

From fashion to electronics, beauty and beyond, this is the perfect tool for any WordPress website.

Customers love learning about new products, promotions and services and our plugin will make it even easier for them to do it.


  • Different formats supported

    JPG, PNG, MP4, GIF

  • Sound On/Off

    Watch each video story with or without sound.

  • Multiple Stories

    Upload up to 10 stories.

  • Analytics

    Count impressions and track how many people have seen your new story.

  • Story Highlights

    Pin your story on top of the list without disappearing.

  • Add Links

    Share links with your audience.

  • Schedule Stories

    Schedule and publish a story at a time that suits you.


  • Badge Shape

    Choose between rectangular and round.

  • Badge Position

    6 available positions.

  • Badge Colours

    Different colours available for background, border and text colour.

  • „Pin it“ Option

    Pin the badge on the screen or let it move while scrolling.

  • Desired Pages

    Choose on which pages you want to see your story.

  • Story duration

    Make it last up to 5 days.

  • Slide duration

    Your story will stay from 5 to 60 seconds. You decide.


Are you ready to engage your customers?

You can now level-up your website with outstanding stories, that inspire action and increase conversions. Easily upload, manage and pin stories and quickly improve your brand awareness.

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Responsive by Design

The Story Creator is designed to work across all devices and will allow you to engage with audiences on desktop, mobile and tablet with fully responsive design – no coding required.

Animated or Static Slides

You can easily pull your new story content onto your website choosing from an image or video, as it supports JPG, PNG, MP4, GIF.

Fully Customisable

The widget gives you the flexibility in managing the looks and display of the badge with a variety of customisation options to exactly fit your website.

Such as changing its colours, website position and shape.

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