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Triple Jump Technologies is a leading provider of RAM technology - Real-Time Venue Management

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the system provides real-time data analytics

The system provides real-time data analytics for transactions, attendance and revenue, management of inventory, digital marketing and mobile connectivity across multiple venues. It offers cross platform integration capabilities that serve to improve ROI.

Providing out of the box connectivity to retail technologies, advertising, mobile and communication networks enable Triple Jump Technologies to deliver a 360-degree connected venue.

Compare functionality

The system also has the ability to review previous events’ performance and compare it to the current one in order to better develop future performances. You can track trends and operational break-even points via advanced predictive analytics.

the big data functionality in the ram platform

Supporting the venue in understanding and developing its commercial performance, analyzing trends and the relationship between business entities are at the heart of the Big Data functionality provided in the RAM platform.

RAM aggregates, sorts and manages information from retail technologies and integrates crucial real time operational & consumer data.

special offers
and alerts

Through real time analytics, RAM enables the venue operators to prepare, understand and react in real time to events and scenarios in the ongoing, high volume business operations of the venue. These may include activating certain promotions and special offers at set circumstances and times, alerts for when there is a need for restocking certain stands and keeping track of serving units across different locations.

Mobile SDK

Through Triple Jump Technologies’ revolutionary mobile SDK, you can connect mobile fan apps to the key promotions distributed by the venues based on location and value, thusly exponentially expand the reach of the venue and the visibility of its promotional campaigns to a wide range of mobile applications.