• Time management, client approach and modern communication in the tech world. A PM’s point of view

    It has been over two years since we have accepted online meetings as the new norm. Nevertheless, opting from face-to-face meetings to an online client and team communication seemed like a NO-GO until certain circumstances proved otherwise. Whether or not this has affected the internal and external relationship approach, the everyday time management, and last […]

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  • Top software project management tips

    Project managers are an integral part of any company that values client relationships, smooth information flow, and successful communication. They are both mediators and propellers, at the same time pushing and easing the work process between all project participants. Balancing between the project requirements, client, and team is not always an easy task. Project management tips will […]

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  • One Side, One Team

    By Ran Berger, Flat Rock CEO So, you started your project, you chose your supplier, set up an internal project team and you are all ready to go. We all know that it is not that simple to deliver and to complete projects on time, quality and budget. So what can we really do beyond […]

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  • Being too Agile – Why Agile fails and how to avoid it

    The software community is moving from linear development processes such as Waterfall to a more incremental approach. The Agile process is now accepted as the better alternative to traditional software development If done properly it can improve the quality, reduce the time, and mitigate risks.Because Agile brings so many advantages to the companies, today many […]

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  • Project Management Methodologies – Waterfall vs Agile

    The first and most probably one of the most crucial tasks of a project manager is to choose the most appropriate methodology for each project. Lately, the choice comes down to Waterfall VS Agile. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We will look closely at each of them, the key differences between them, and […]

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  • Project Management Methodologies – Kanban VS Scrum 

    Kanban VS Scrum is another debate in the world of project management. While both Kanban and Scrum are Agile, they are two different project management frameworks with few distinctions to consider. Determining which model works best for your project is not easy and requires a closer look at each of these methodologies. In this article, you […]

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