• What does it take to be a successful QA in the tech industry?

    Nowadays, we are surrounded by so many technical challenges, a result of the automated world we live in, that it is simply impossible to ignore the effect technology has on our lives. We might even spot certain bugs as users while we casually scroll down our favorite seller’s website. But what really goes behind the […]

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  • What is Selenium?

    By Kaloyan, QA Lead at Flat Rock When you think about what to automate, the first thing which appears in one’s mind probably will be the way in which the QA tests the system by clicking on every button and filling all fields with different types of information.

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  • Performance and Load Testing

    By Yordan, QA Specialist at Flat Rock All kinds of software applications must go through many different types of tests before being declared done and ready to go live. Most of these tests are considered mandatory.

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  • Automated testing

    Complete guide to automated testing

    Testing is a crucial phase in the software development process. It ensures that there are no bugs, the software works as intended and performs well under any circumstances. There are two ways one can test software – manual and automated. Usually, companies either test software manually or use both manual and automated testing. While some […]

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  • Test automation tool

    How to select the right test automation tool

    We can all agree that testing is one of the most crucial phases in software development. However, depending on the complexity of the project, the testing process might demand a lot of time and effort. In some areas, you can successfully replace manual testing with the automated one and as a result, increase the efficiency […]

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