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Our team will deliver an analytical solution, tailored to your business needs and will help you convert your data into valuable insights at any phase of your data analytics journey. Our services will provide you with the ability to analyze better your business insights or to react to events before they happened.

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Data analytics

Whatever questions you might have, accurate data is the key to find the answer. Data analysis is the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing raw data in order to draw valuable insights. Our team will help you understand your existing data and improve your decision-making capability. Data analytics will enable you to adapt better to your customers’ needs and will discover new opportunities for your business. Contact our data experts to learn how your company can utilize the data analytics services.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is the process of using and analyzing historical data, based on a variety of statistical techniques, to forecast future outcomes for your business. Our advanced analytics solution will help you transform your data into insights with significant precision to identify opportunities, forecast behaviors or detect risks. We will help you find, and exploit patterns contained within your current or past data.

Python Services

Python is a high-level, widely used programming language that can handle big data and can be used to perform complex mathematical models. Python is essential and well-suited for data analysis, as it performs better in data manipulation and automation of repetitive tasks. Our team of experts is dedicated to building stable and secure solutions and will enable you to extract useful insights from your raw business data.

Power BI

Power BI is a comprehensive platform that connects to any data source and can be used to transform, analyze and visualize your company’s data. It can help you create stunning and interactive reports, customized to your specific needs. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can ensure implementation of best practices of creation and deployment of a Power BI Dashboard to easily gain business insights. Our team will create API connections to your sources, allowing you to extract the needed data with ease.


Your business might be producing and storing incredible amount of data daily and this creates the need to process and understand it. ETL is a data-integration process that refers to the three steps – extract, transform, load. During those phases the data is extracted and collected from the data source, then it is transformed to a standard format and finally it is loaded into the target database or warehouse. Our team will help you build a data foundation, following all best practices and industry standards. Benefit from our professional ETL services and start transforming your data today.

Data warehouse

The data warehouse is an important system that collects data from a wide range of sources within your business and utilizes it to support the decision-making process. Want to achieve a high-performing data warehouse for your company? Flat Rock Technology will analyze your business and will support it with various warehousing services that include data warehouse development, migration, consulting or support. Our team will involve different strategies to ensure the system best fits your business requirements.

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