• 10 Essential website components for a successful business

    A successful website is not the most creative or nice-looking one. A successful website is one with a growing number of visitors that stay on the website for a longer time and convert. Whether you have an online e-commerce business, construction or healthcare company, or just a personal blog, your website should have the essential […]

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  • Understanding Elasticsearch: What it is, how is it used and why

    Modern software cannot exist without a search and analytics feature. The data is coming from various sources, and the application must be scalable and capable enough to handle a large amount of data in near real-time. It is where Elasticsearch comes in. It is often referred to as a big data solution, analytics database, or […]

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  • What is value stream mapping

    Value stream mapping in software development

    Value stream mapping is one of the most powerful tools of lean development today. It helps companies understand the process from the standpoint of a customer, eliminate activities that do not bring value and optimize the value streams from the development to the delivery to end-customer.  What is value stream mapping?   Value stream mapping (VSM) is a […]

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  • custom software development company

    How to find the right software development company

    Having custom software developed for your business gives you a competitive edge in your industry. However, recognizing the need for such software is one thing, and finding the right custom software development company to turn your idea into reality is another. Finding the right development partner can be a difficult task. Especially now, when there […]

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