• Benefits of e-commerce websites that will help you scale your business

    E-commerce websites offer plenty of advantages to businesses. If you are not online, you are missing an opportunity to increase your sales and scale your business. Whether you want to have a physical and online shop or aim to be a fully online merchant, the benefits of e-commerce websites will show you how you can optimize your […]

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  • 5 Tips for IT Partner Selection

    At Flat Rock we constantly seek ways to improve our business practices, we research new trends and innovations in the IT sector. We have worked with hundreds of clients and have delivered software and web solutions at high quality, on time and on budget. We have explored ways to raise the standard of our services […]

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  • 10 Essential website components for a successful business

    A successful website is not the most creative or nice-looking one. A successful website is one with a growing number of visitors that stay on the website for a longer time and convert. Whether you have an online e-commerce business, construction or healthcare company, or just a personal blog, your website should have the essential […]

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  • Project Management – 7 Tips on How to Avoid Burnout and Be More Efficient

    Sometimes our workdays are so stressful and busy that we do not have time to grab a coffee or a small snack. We feel frustrated that there is not enough time to finish all the tasks, and our growling stomach and pounding headache are just plain annoying. We stay at work until late or go […]

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  • Top software project management tips

    Project managers are an integral part of any company that values client relationships, smooth information flow, and successful communication. They are both mediators and propellers, at the same time pushing and easing the work process between all project participants. Balancing between the project requirements, client, and team is not always an easy task. Project management tips will […]

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  • Why It Is Essential to Have a Mobile Ready Website

    Consumers become more demanding and refined in their choices. Consequently, loyalty to a certain company and brand is a relative notion and has stepped back to make some space for convenience, speed, originality and better prices.

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