• Clutch Hails Flat Rock Technology Among the Leading Laravel Developers for 2022

    Clutch Hails Flat Rock Technology Among the Leading Laravel Developers for 2022Flat Rock Technology has been a leading software development company that has acted as a reliable partner to businesses since 2008. We offer software development, cloud management, and outsourcing solutions to all companies of different sizes worldwide. Our people, location, and structure allow us […]

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  • Time management, client approach and modern communication in the tech world. A PM’s point of view

    It has been over two years since we have accepted online meetings as the new norm. Nevertheless, opting from face-to-face meetings to an online client and team communication seemed like a NO-GO until certain circumstances proved otherwise. Whether or not this has affected the internal and external relationship approach, the everyday time management, and last […]

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  • What does it take to be a successful QA in the tech industry?

    Nowadays, we are surrounded by so many technical challenges, a result of the automated world we live in, that it is simply impossible to ignore the effect technology has on our lives. We might even spot certain bugs as users while we casually scroll down our favorite seller’s website. But what really goes behind the […]

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  • 2021 Year in review – Looking back at the most exciting events of the year

    The year 2021 has proved itself to be even more difficult than the previous one. Given the unusual circumstances and the lack of any and all social activities for the past two years, our work was also affected by Covid-19 and the following events. We continued our work-from-home schedule with the option of working in […]

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  • Flat Rock Technology joins BASSCOM

    We are glad to announce that Flat Rock Technology has been approved as a member company in the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies. This is an enormous recognition for the company, established back in 2008. According to our CEO Ran Berger, it all began with the desire to find ways to create solutions that will […]

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  • Measuring and offsetting our Carbon Footprint

    Flat Rock Technology received a Carbon Footprint assessment Certification and became Carbon Neutral!  As a responsible company, we understand the importance of being sustainable and reducing the negative impact on the environment. The ecological and environmental effects of humans, companies, and organizations on our ecosystem should not be ignored. Today we are seeing the impact of humanity’s […]

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