• Victoria McMahon Joins Flat Rock

    Victoria McMahon Joins Flat Rock as a Global HR Director

    We are excited to announce that Victoria McMahon has joined Flat Rock Technology as a global HR Director.   Victoria will take over the human resources department and lead the team of HRs and recruiters on all of our locations, including the UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Georgia.  “In the last few years, we have seen rapid growth. We […]

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  • Android vs iOS app – Which one to develop first

    When you want to develop an app for your business, the first decision you have to make is whether you should create an app for Android or iOS. While eventually, you might be planning to have an app for both platforms, business owners and developers usually prefer to develop one system first. It is a common practice […]

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  • A day in the life of the data analyst

    A day in the life of the data analyst

    Today business revolves around data. From startups to small businesses, large companies, and international enterprises – every business deal with data in one way or another. Data analytics can be as diverse as the business world itself. Each industry and company use a different kind of data based on their services and goals. As a result, the […]

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  • what does a data analyst do?

    What Does a Data Analyst do? – Nikolay Kolev explains

    Data analytics is a trendy term that might have caught your attention. If you are interested in technologies and the digital world, this might sound like a perfect career to pursue. But what do data analysts really do? To answer this question and give you more clarity about the work of a data analyst, we […]

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  • custom software development company

    How to find the right software development company

    Having custom software developed for your business gives you a competitive edge in your industry. However, recognizing the need for such software is one thing, and finding the right custom software development company to turn your idea into reality is another. Finding the right development partner can be a difficult task. Especially now, when there […]

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  • Clutch TOP BPO Companies UK 2021

    Clutch Recognizes Flat Rock Technology as World-Class BPO Agency

    The streamlined and cost-effective solutions offered by BPO agencies are the main reasons why the demand has grown exponentially over the years. Business owners choose to work with an agency or service provider to handle their back-office needs because it’s incredibly labour-saving. Since 2008, Flat Rock Technology has been the leading back-office BPO service provider in London. […]

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