• Outsource to Bulgaria: Ask these Companies

    By Polina Ilieva, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock The growing trend in outsourcing activities that are not part of the companies’ core competences has led to the rapid development of destinations suitable for outsourcing. Bulgaria is an example of these destinations. A lot of American and European IT companies chose to outsource here because of […]

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  • IT Outsourcing and BPO Trends

    By Ivan, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock Many large US and UK based companies outsource plenty of their processes. We’ve all seen what has happened recently in the US with the elections and in the UK with Brexit… So, how is the outsourcing sector going to develop?

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  • Is Europe the next Silicon Valley?

    We’ve all heard about the Silicon Valley of the US, however, new technology centers are developing in Europe as well.

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  • The Next Generation Of Customer Service

    A recent trend has seen the return of chatbots as an augmentation to customer service. One major advantage of bots over humans is that they don’t need sleep which makes them available 24/7

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  • Data Migration

    Data migration strategy and best practices

    Data is one of the most valuable sources a business might have. It enhances companies’ abilities to make data-driven decisions and drive their business forward. Data gathering is a continuous process, and as a result, data in various formats is pouring from different systems into the company’s data storage every day. At some point, the […]

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  • what does a data analyst do?

    What Does a Data Analyst do? – Nikolay Kolev explains

    Data analytics is a trendy term that might have caught your attention. If you are interested in technologies and the digital world, this might sound like a perfect career to pursue. But what do data analysts really do? To answer this question and give you more clarity about the work of a data analyst, we […]

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