• Balancing customer success in Project Management

    5 ways project managers can balance customer success in project management

    Working with clients is not always easy. Especially in the IT industry, given its demanding skill sets, competitive price rates, and ambitious timeframes we are working with. As usual, clients expect to receive the highest value possible for what they pay. Project managers need to make sure that PMO processes and framework they work with, help […]

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  • How to manage remote teams

    5 most common challenges of managing remote teams

    Working remotely is extremally popular nowadays. Small businesses are hiring virtual assistants and workers with certain skill sets to work for them remotely. While big companies and corporations have whole teams working for them from various locations.    Remote workers are beneficial for businesses of every size. As the location is no longer a problem, companies […]

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  • Digital tools for working from home

    Digital toolkit for working from home during coronavirus

    Covid-19 is changing our lives and quickly reshaping how we operate daily. More and more companies are sending employees for working from home to slow down the spread of coronavirus. In some countries, governments have declared a state of emergency or quarantine, urging companies to close down temporarily or to work from home. In others, it […]

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  • Software development methodology

    How to choose a software development methodology for your project

    Choosing the right technologies and tools are vital for the success of any software development process. The right decision here could ensure the project’s ultimate success. In this article, we try to look into what is the right approach when starting a new project.    In the last few decades, we have seen the software world […]

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