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AppBazzar is an AppWall - an efficient way for consumers to view your apps in one place.

Appbazzar is an AppWall, a digital marketplace that features a beautiful and efficient way for consumers to view and research top ranked apps in one place with fresh content that is continuously updated in response to consumer feedback. Our latest version allows you to view top apps from top brands across all categories in a single marketplace. AppBazzar helps users to discover the latest and most talked about apps for iOS and Android.

Pop up

Banners and

Footer Banners

on CPM basis

At the bottom you can place rotating tags to utilize all of your traffic.

Geo and

Device Targeting

Essentially, your users see only those offers (apps/websites) which are relevant to their geographical location and device.
Key-targeting value is crucial in our industry and AppBazzar makes no exception!

Hype with Ratings and

Featured Offers

Impact your users’ decisions by manually selecting the ratings of the uploaded offers. Have a certain list of them rotating at the very top on a random principle by tagging them as “Featured”. You will most certainly witness the benefits of a diversified placement.

Increase your


The new special design of AppBazzar will make your conversions rocket to the skies. Due to the transparency of AppBazzar’s workflow, optimization of traffic is now acquired effortlessly and targeting by device and geo is just a couple of clicks away.

Start And

End Date

AppBazzar is flexible when it comes to launching and removing offers. You can manually delay the initialization of an offer or set the end date of its visualization.

Upload your

CPI, CPL and CPA offers

Although AppBazzar is focused mostly on CPI type of offers, you can have pop up banners adjusted to your CPA or CPL needs.



  • What’s


    • Premium position to the GEO (positions 1 to 3)
    • Interstitial banner after 10-15 seconds
    • High rating of the app
  • What’s


    • We are fully GEO targeted
    • We have OS targeting
    • We can promote HTML5 sites,
      not only native apps