5 Tips for IT Partner Selection

At Flat Rock we constantly seek ways to improve our business practices, we research new trends and innovations in the IT sector. We have worked with hundreds of clients and have delivered software and web solutions at high quality, on time and on budget. We have explored ways to raise the standard of our services and in the process we have gathered experience in what steps work best when you select IT partners.

  • Define precisely the timeframe and the scope of the project – Any outsourced project requires setting clear and measurable objectives. The process of selecting an IT partner and developing the project needs a solid foundation,  that is clear and detailed project requirements.
  • Be realistic in setting your time fame and project milestones. Establish a schedule and a delivery plan for your outsourced project with clearly defined and realistic milestones. This is an area, where the IT partner has to have a substantial input. Their advice and suggestions are something you can judge them by. Select a partner who understands and estimates project development timelines perfectly. This is crucial for the success of any IT development.
  • When you evaluate the IT service vendors start a dialogue and research the companies’ capabilities and references –this is a process that ought to be similar to selecting your own employees and team. Review carefully their previous work samples.
  • Find the exact experience fit
    The IT partner you select needs to have relevant experience with the specific type of project you are developing.  IT is a vast field and the vendor ideally will have expertise in the exact technical and business niche your project fits in.
  • Choose the IT partner that offers the best value for money.
    A research study done on IT’s best practice has found that the most successful IT projects are the ones where the IT supplier provides a balance of high quality and good value for money. As a rule the high priced proposals are not competitive but the lowest priced ones are almost always unrealistic or carry hidden costs.

We have identified these 5 points as the most important factors in selecting an IT partner, but there are many nuances and specific project aspects that we also take into consideration. We approach each project as unique and develop custom solutions. Contact us today if you are looking for any general IT advice or if you have a project you wish to discuss. We will be happy to share our experience and offer guidance.


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