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From Idea to Implementation, we provide the end-to-end lifecycle

Looking for a skilled team to augment your in-house talent? Look no further than our team extension services. We offer highly qualified professionals who can seamlessly integrate into your existing team and bring the expertise needed to ensure your project's success. With our flexible engagement model, you can scale up or down as needed to meet your changing business needs.

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Our Process

Partner with us for a seamless and efficient team extension process. From planning to managing, we handle all the administrative work, allowing you to focus on working with your dedicated development team towards project success.



Partner with us for a seamless and efficient team extension process. From planning to managing, we handle all the administrative work, allowing you to focus on working with your dedicated development team towards project success.


Resource Planning

We assess your project needs and determine the necessary skills and resources required to meet your goals.


Resource Selection

Our team of expert IT recruiters will handpick developers with the right level of seniority, skills, and experience for your review.


Onboarding & Integration

Once your team is formed, we guide them through the onboarding process and ensure seamless integration with your in-house team.


Management & Support

You manage the team with the model of your choice, while we provide KPI monitoring, ongoing support, and transparent communication at every stage of our partnership.


Scaling & Optimization

As your project evolves, we continuously assess your needs and provide additional resources or make adjustments to the team to ensure maximum efficiency and success.

Our Engagement models


Dedicated Team

We provide you with a fully dedicated team that work exclusively on your project. The team works closely with you, sharing your vision and goals, and delivering high-quality results. You have full control over the team's management and development process, while we take care of all administrative tasks such as HR, payroll, and office space.


Project-Based Model

This model is designed to meet the specific needs of clients with defined project scopes and timelines. We will work with you to define project requirements and deliverables and agree on a fixed-price contract. Our team of experts then handles the entire project, from planning and design to development and delivery, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome.


Team Extension

This model will allow you to scale your team quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you need to ramp up your development team, require additional QA resources, or need expert project management support, we have the right professionals for you. You have the flexibility to add or remove team members based on your evolving needs and priorities.


Bank of Hours

Our bank of hours engagement model is ideal for clients who need occasional support or development work. You purchase a block of hours that can be used on an as-needed basis for any of our services.


Time and Material

Our time and material engagement model offers flexibility and agility for clients who require ongoing support or development work. We work on an hourly basis, allowing you to adjust the scope and direction of the project as needed. This model provides full transparency on the development process, ensuring you have complete control over the project's direction and outcome.

Why Flat Rock

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Future-proof solutions

We focus on developing custom software solutions that are built to last. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends to ensure that your solution can evolve and adapt with your business needs.

Speed up delivery

Our nearshore team of software experts can help you accelerate your project's delivery time, all while being more cost-effective than an in-house development team.

Operational efficiency

We can help you automate your business processes and improve your operational efficiency. Our customized software solutions are designed to streamline your workflows, improve accuracy, leading to higher productivity and lower costs.

Customer experience

We believe that software should be intuitive, user-friendly, and metrics-driven, providing a seamless experience for your users. Our team works closely with you to understand your customers' needs and preferences, ensuring that your solution meets their expectations.

Flexible operating models

We offer flexible operating models to suit your specific needs, whether you need a dedicated team, project-based engagement, or a hybrid model, we can provide a solution that works for you.

Mutual Help

Agile development

Our team uses an agile development methodology that allows us to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently. By breaking down projects into smaller, manageable pieces, we can deliver value to you early and often, allowing you to see progress and provide feedback throughout the development process.

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Our team is ready to discuss and offer the most suitable approach for bringing your ideas to market, along with feasible solution alternatives.