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Technical Services

As a leading IT services provider and software development company, Flat Rock Technology is committed to quality, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Let our experts assist you with your needs and provide you with the best service, 24/7, no matter where you are.

Remote Connection

IT support for establishing and maintaining a remote connection to your network infrastructure. creating your Digital workspace so you can start working anywhere immediately.

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With our VPN access, you can connect your physical network remotely, and start working instantly and securely. We provide a VPN setup as well as an ongoing administration.

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Backup Solutions

Our backup solutions will help you back up all of your important knowledge on the cloud. It doesn't matter where you work from, we will be there to help you back it up.

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Tools installation

IT support for installation, configuration and maintenance of all kind of tools for remote working: remote connection, real time communication, video meetings and presentations, file sharing and more

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Consultancy Services

Introduction meeting to understand company needs for remote work solutions, assessment of the current infrastructure and resources, analysis and proposal for effective solutions.

  • Ongoing support and consulting on domain specific remote work issues
  • Meetings with technical support engineers to clarify technical needs
  • Consultancy on cost for equipment and systems for remote work
  • Security, backup and disaster recovery consultancy and support
  • Consultancy on Real Time Communication tools and solutions
  • Consultancy on Video Meetings and Presentations tools and solutions
  • Consultancy on File Sharing tools and platforms

Security Services


Our cybersecurity experts will learn your network configuration and will help you strengthen your security.

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Network Security

It doesn't matter how your network build and configure, our experts will help you customize the best security solutions for you, so you will be protected everywhere.

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End Point Security

We believe that security must include all of the network's components. Our solutions will help you protect your network endpoints, to strengthen your network security.

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Dedicated Specialists

System Administrator

provide you with full technical support for establishing and maintaining company infrastructure including VPN setup and administration and backup solutions.

A system administrator expert is also available as an outsourced employee.

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IT Support Specialist

provide you with ongoing support and consulting on remote work issues and analyze the efficiency of remote work tools and processes and propose ways for optimization.

An IT Support Specialist is also available as an outsourced employee.

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Cybersecurity Expert

assist you to configure your system in the best secure way, and will help you to find the best security solutions for your needs.

A Cybersecurity expert is also available as an outsourced employee.

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  • establishing remote connection
  • conducting a security audit
  • hiring a dedicated system admininstrator