Contact Master – The easier way to follow up on your business contacts



        Business cards are the quickest way to hand someone your contact info and keep the connection going after every networking event. But do you know what’s the worst part about them? Having to keep all the business cards you collect in your wallet or typing them manually.

          We are more than happy to introduce you our newly developed mobile app that can help you solve this problem – Contact Master. If you’re having a lot of new contacts to manage, Contact Master will transform your paper business cards into active contacts and help you reach back out in seconds.

          Contact Master is a tool tailored for professionals to digitize and organize all of their business cards and save the time for what it is needed for – making partnerships and doing business. You can open the app, scan the business card and you’ll see the scanned contact info in seconds. It splits out first and last names, email address, position, company, phone and etc. Of course, there are options for editing the information and adding additional notes.

          When the business card is scanned and saved to your own contact list, Contact Master provides you with the opportunity to get in touch with your new contact directly from the app. Most importantly, it even allows you to set reminders and send meeting request synched with your calendar, ensuring that you will stay in touch with your business contacts.



         The application allows you to store all of your contacts and business details in one place, including attachments and voice notes to each contact.  To make it easier for you, Contact Master gives you the option to filter and search for specific people, positions or companies within the contact list. Once you find the one that you’re looking for, you can send a message in a few seconds. You will spend less time organizing the prospects and more time doing the sales.

          In addition to setting up and organizing your contacts, you can also use Contact Master to create your own digital business card. Once you create your business card on Contact Master, it gives you the possibility to share it with anyone, regardless if the other doesn’t have the app installed. You can send your digital card directly to an email address.  The app not only lets you customize, share, and send digital business cards, but it also lets you interact with them.

Next time someone hands you a business card, give Contact Master a try. Your wallet will thank you and you’ll never have to search through the pile of cards.

Contact Master is available on iOS and Android in the App Store or Google Play.

We know that every business has different specifications, so we’re able to deliver customized functions to suit your needs.

Contact us for more information or call us at +44 20 7250 4778. Otherwise, you can have a look at some of the projects that we have developed for our customers.


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