Dedicated Teams: Outsourcing Strategy that Works

Many companies nowadays engage in outsourcing. It is only natural taking into account the global economy trends and the need for cutting costs and utilizing the best work force available. Outsourcing, though, is not only about cutting costs but also about being diverse and offering more to your client base.

Outsourcing is much more than simply using a different geographical location. It may come in different forms and not necessarily from the other side of the globe. A company may outsource a job to another down the street just because they need more resources or specific knowledge. But first you need to find the right place, with the right people. With the latest being the most important factor in the idea of outsourcing.

Here we will look at one very important part for any business and that is namely the people. The employees are those who actually produce, who invent and create. That is why for any business to achieve good performance it needs to have the right people in place. Having that all set will help you concentrate on your clients’ needs and requirements.

If you do not have the full capacity, though, to fulfill these requirements in-house, you can do so by using dedicated teams – a notion very popular when it comes to outsourcing.

So what is a dedicated team?

A dedicated team is the team you will need for doing a job in-house but you do not have the resources for. That may be so because you do not have enough employees available at the time or because you do not have the know-how needed for a specific project. Until recently if that was the case many companies declined work on certain projects but now the situation is different. You do not need to have all the work force available at any time for every project. Work comes and goes and if you hire 10 people because you need them now, what are you going to do in a few months when the project is over?

One direction of action is to outsource your job to a person or a team already working in another company that specializes in the field you need.  Such outsourcing company will have expertise and availability to help you with a particular project on a temporary basis. Hiring a dedicated team is not usually tied to a long-term contract and is open to a lot of flexibility so it is not a risky venture. Pay and engagement could be monthly or hourly.

Controlling and monitoring of dedicated teams

Some managers may argue that dedicated teams are difficult to control and monitor because they are physically away but that is not the case at all. The whole idea behind the dedicated team is that is becomes part of your own team and you have full control over it. You can use the Internet, intranet portals, billing systems or visit the team personally. For the specific time and project when you are using that outsourced team, you are in charge and following the project development. This team works for you only and answers to your requirements only, hence the name “dedicated”.

More and more companies realize the benefits of outsourcing. It lets them be diverse for their client base and offer much more than their core competences. That consequently leads them to offer more services and to attract more customers and diversify their portfolio.

Flat Rock Technology is one of the companies, which have early on adopted the idea of dedicated teams and offers that service under the name IT outsourcing. A number of Flat Rock’s clients take advantage of that option with their project information and details completely safe and secure.  If you want to learn more about Flat Rock dedicated team services, you are welcome to contact us so we can offer you the solution that will suit your requirements.


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