Is SEO everything?

Search engine optimization is a term that has entered widely our work and daily life in the last several years and has changed the digital world beyond recognition.

SEO is not just a set of methods and processes for positioning your website on the front pages of the search engines. It is a whole science with its secrets and hints. You can’t learn SEO in a day or month. Even if you have the basics, it’s not a guarantee for success.

Search engine optimization consists of different techniques and tools, which are interrelated and without using them properly, the process of website optimization won’t be entirely successful.

If you want to become an expert in that field, you have to be patient and determined and to be willing to learn and try new things every day. Because sometimes SEO is not just a matter of following widely applied tactics, but displaying a cunning and sharp mind, which brings you to the next level on the Internet.

SEO should be irreplaceable part of your marketing strategy. There are also very important steps to follow, without which even the best SEO would be pointless.

1. Write catchy and useful content

The key to online success is the attractive, original and informative content, which visitors would find useful and would be willing to share with other users. For that purpose, you have to put a lot of effort and creativity in writing quality and valuable content. Also it’s important to publish new posts regularly, because not only Google, but your readers like interesting and fresh articles.

2. Put keywords in the texts and titles

Be careful when defining the keywords for your brand. Choose these that best describe and suit your business and could bring you high search engine rankings. The next step is to integrate the keywords in the whole website content, including text body, titles and headlines. In this way your content will be labelled properly.

3. Install social network share buttons on a visible place on your website

This is another important thing you should do. Let’s say that a visitor finds very useful a certain post on your website and wants to share it with his/her friends and colleagues. With the social buttons it will be fast and easy. The more people share your content, the more visibility and popularity you will have on the Internet.

4. Submit posts on websites and blogs related to your business

There are a lot of magazines, blogs and websites online, which would be happy to publish your article or opinion on a topic, where you are very familiar or you are an expert. Along with your article, they will include your name and link to your website.

If you do your job well, and users like your style of writing, for sure your website will be easily recognized and found online.

About the author:

Dilyana Kotomanova is a freelance copywriter, blogger and content writer focusing on topics connected to social media, SEO, new technologies and online networking. She was kind enough to share some of her experience and provide us with a guest post on the topic of SEO strategies.


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