IT Outsourcing Values

In the second part of our IT Outsourcing Trends series, we are looking at some of the criteria for successful outsourcing partnerships.

The Outsourcing Center holds the annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards and performs a study of the award winners to identify current IT Outsourcing best practices and trends – both the clients and the outsourcing vendors.

Their recent study reveals that there is one major factor for outsourcing projects to be considered successful (in their perception and ROI) – cost reduction. The study also outlines few other factors for successful IT Outsourcing projects and relationships; some of the factors are:

  • Timeline – developing on time as planned and agreed
  • Flexibility – demonstration of sufficient level of flexibility and tolerance for changes.
  • Relationships – maintain healthy working relationship and effectively deal with changes and resolve any conflicts or issues.
  • Innovation – demonstration of “out of the box” thinking and delivery approach and for problem solving

The study also mentions that process improvements is a factor in achieving successful results. In addition it is identified that such projects are more likely to succeed if both teams (supplier’s and vendor’s) are working as one team with the same set of objectives and driving together to the same results.

Outsourcing Companies that manage to work effectively with the clients, be quick and flexible are the winning and surviving ones.

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