Outsource to Bulgaria: Ask these Companies

By Polina Ilieva, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

The growing trend in outsourcing activities that are not part of the companies’ core competences has led to the rapid development of destinations suitable for outsourcing. Bulgaria is an example of these destinations. A lot of American and European IT companies chose to outsource here because of the strategic location, highly educated software professionals, competitive prices and many other reasons. Let’s check what their motives are to do so.


HP is on the Bulgarian market since 1998. “We have chosen Bulgaria because of the young people and their talents” says the Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard for Bulgaria – Iravan Hira. He also adds that the geographical location has played a main role in choosing Sofia for a key office for the business. Michael Eberhardt (Vice President of HP for Germany) points out a few more reasons to choose Bulgaria – political stability, good infrastructure, presence of a number of technology universities where IT specialties are taught.


Joseph Lazarus (General Manager of IBM Global Delivery Center in Sofia) confirms that IBM has chosen Bulgaria in 2007 because of the fact that is already part of the EU, has a stable economy, multicultural population capable of communicating in different foreign languages and a the large number of universities from which you can hire highly skilled professionals.


The investment in SAP Labs Bulgaria is recognized as the largest software investment not only in Bulgaria, but in the South East European market up to now. The Managing Director of SAP Labs Bulgaria, Plamen Tilev, confirms that one of the reasons to choose Bulgaria is the good relationships with local business suppliers, as well as the good investment climate. Bulgaria has traditions in the training of professionals in the IT sector, which the nearby competitors are still lacking of.


Diana Stefanova (Managing Director of VMware Bulgaria) says that the main purpose for their expansion in Bulgaria is the talented people they can find here. It is also a centrally located place where they can easily manage the EMEA market. Other factors for choosing Bulgaria are the EU membership, low taxes and good infrastructure.

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