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Story Creator: Create and publish stories on your website

Since the birth of Snapchat, the ephemeral content has conquered the hearts of many. Companies are using Facebook and Instagram stories successfully to showcase their best offers and products. Now you can do it on your WordPress website too! 

With our Story Creator widget for WordPress, you will be able to publish powerful stories. Engage your audience and drive their attention to what you want to showcase the most.  

Showcase the best  

Showcase your best products, offers, promotions or the latest news and let your customers be well-aware of them. The story creator widget is perfect for every kind of business across all industries. From fashion and beauty products to home appliances and electronics, this is the tool that will make your company stand out, in the right way!  

Implementing the story widget on your WordPress website will let you show your best product to every visitor, every time they enter your website. Your customers will love learning about your products in this new, engaging and exciting way! 

Create your stories, schedule for later or publish them right away, they will be visible to your audience for up to 5 days. Upload up to 10 stories and share them with people so they can visit your website to see more!  

Make it unique, make it yours 

You can do so much more with the story widget. It is entirely customizable and will allow you to create perfect stories for your business and your brand. Set the background, border and text colour that fits your company branding perfectly. Choose the badge page and position out of the 6 options and place your story in the most suitable place on your website. Your visitors will be able to view your stories across all devices thanks to its responsive design!  

You are not limited to have the story on the homepage only. Choose the pages where you want your story to appear and showcase your products on your most visited pages! The story widget allows you to pin your story or let it move while scrolling.  

The list of the features does not stop here. Do you have a favourite story you want all your visitors to see? Pin it on your story list and it will appear first, even if you add other stories to it. You can customize the sliding period from 5 to 60 seconds, if you upload your story as JPEG, PNG, or GIF, or upload directly a video. Choose if you want to display your story with or without sound and decide if you want to have a pause button.  

The Story Creator is a powerful tool to engage your audience and make them more interested in your products, services and offers. If you do not believe it, check your stats! You can count the story impressions and track how many people viewed it 

Include links in your stories to make the best out of it. It will help your visitors interact with you directly and buy the product you showcase.  

Create your story 

Story Creator is a unique approach for increasing brand awareness and conversions. Showcase your best products on every page of your website. Customize Story Creator badges and create unique, engaging, and powerful stories without limits! Start creating your story and be ahead of your competitors. 


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