How to Ensure That Recruitment for Outsourcing is Appropriate

When adding new members to your workforce, it is vital to ensure that the process is conducted in the correct way and manner, especially if the new employee will be outsourced and you will not be able to have a direct day-to-day observation on the performance of the tasks.

Unlike regular recruitment agencies that look for people for all kinds of positions, Flat Rock, as an IT company has a much closer look and understanding of the needs of an IT project and the suitable specialists for a particular job. Having worked on a number of outsourcing projects and recruiting for these positions, we are aware of the difficulties and challenges as well as the specific requirements an outsourced professional needs to possess in order to complete his/her task in the appropriate manner and timeframe.

Some of the most important factors when recruiting besides overall interview performance and qualifications are also teamwork and ability to comply with different work methodologies and international working environment. An outsourced specialist could be dedicated or part of a mixed team but he/she will always be working with employees from other companies and communicating issues and project plans with them on a regular basis.

Flat Rock realises the peculiarities of the outsourcing and takes responsibility for finding the right specialist for every job. The client, of course, is welcome to participate in the process to the extent they want to and even to pick the developer themselves.

To ensure that high quality performance and suitable skills, Flat Rock uses a comprehensive recruitment scheme aimed to cover different perspectives of the job and guarantee that the professional will be a successful addition to the team. The basic steps include the following structure:

Step 1: Phone interview

Step 2: First interview (technical / professional)

Step 3: Task (programming / design / presentation)

Step 4: Second interview

Step 5: Job offer

Once the candidate is approved he/she is introduced to the team and an induction period follows on.

Flat Rock offers flexible terms for outsourcing and the client is free to choose the business model that best answers their business or particular project needs. The great advantage of outsourcing is the lack of an employee contract, this is handled by the outsourcing partner, and the opportunity to choose the number of specialists and the length of their participation in a project.

We offer outsourcing of:

• software developers

• open source developers

• web designers

• mobile applications developers

• ASP.NET developers

• content writers

For more information about Flat Rock outsourcing services, you can contact us or call +44 (0)20 7250 4778.


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