Top 5 Most Interesting Android Apps


By Ivanka, Web & Data Specialist at Flat Rock

Mobile technologies influence us in so many aspects that it would be too shallow to say that they just give us mobile experience; they are lifestyle. Android – the most widely used mobile platform in the whole world, powers hundreds of millions smart phones in more than 190 countries and it’s no big surprise that everybody is totally mad about Android apps.

Android users download more than 1.5 billion apps monthly. Sometimes in all the variety, you get confused which app you really need and you lose patience and hours wandering in Google Play Store. That‘s why below are outlined the Top 5 of the most interesting Android apps you must have.

Keep in touch with your friends via WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not need an introduction. The stats speak for themselves – more than 450 million monthly active users, more than 50 billion messages daily. WhatsApp is the most popular platform for sending text messages, images, videos and audios to your friends over the internet. The app is available for free for a year and then you are charged $0.99 annually.

Hit the road with Waze

A driver always needs a good GPS app on their phone to help them cope with the crazy traffic. But instead of downloading another trivial mapping service, try something creative and interesting! Waze is not just a popular navigation and traffic app offering voice guides and turn-to-turn directions. The unique about Waze is that it has created a whole social community of drivers that constantly share and update real-time information about the traffic conditions, road hazards and cheapest gas stations in your area.

“Go Google”

Have you happened to come across an interesting book or painting, landmark or product you know nothing about, but you are so curious to find out every detail immediately? Well, it is never been easier to do it - just by taking a picture with your phone and using Google. Analyzing the photo, the app quickly finds information in the database. The good news is that it could be also used as a QR scanner, and even translates by taking picture of foreign language texts.

Capture every moment with Camera360 Ultimate

One of the most common uses of smart phones is taking pictures so you definitely have to download a good mobile camera app like Camera360 Ultimate. The app offers you 8 camera modes, great variety of photo effects with third generation image processing engine and CameraCloud360 that enables you to manage, browse and share your favorite photos.

Share with Google Drive

Create and collaborate, share and work together - that’s what you can do, installing Google Drive file storage and syncing service on your smart phone. Except for storing all your personal stuff in 15GB space and access to it from all your devices, Google Drive is also a good choice for your business. You can create documents, sheets, track projects and presentations; store files and whole folders and share them with colleagues and partners. Team management has never been easier!

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