Why It Is Essential to Have a Mobile Ready Website


Consumers become more demanding and refined in their choices. Consequently, loyalty to a certain company and brand is a relative notion and has stepped back to make some space for convenience, speed, originality and better prices.

Additionally, there comes the realm of the internet along with the immensely growing mobile market. If once, to have a website was a great extra for the business, now it is just part of the basic brand representation of the company and absolutely vital for finding and keeping a customer base. A business without a website is usually not considered on the map at all – it is difficult to find and even more difficult to trust.

Many customers are now quite tech-savvy and are able to find what they want as long as it is available. However, that does not mean, that businesses should put challenges ahead of potential clients and test their ingenuity. On the contrary, every company should make itself as open and as accessible as possible including being such on any device, i.e. computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets.

What does this mean for business?

Businesses need to realise that being online in every form and in as many places as possible is a must. Furthermore, the mobile market has expanded substantially in the last few years making online purchasing on the go a regular activity for many shoppers. Going to the mall, is now in a lot of cases a virtual experience. Quick online comparison of prices, delivery time or customer reviews and ratings have turned online shopping into a favourite and convenient activity.

That is why it is extremely important to guarantee that every company has provided for its website to be mobile friendly and offer the same user experience as via a regular computer. Being unable to show your products and services in an appropriate way will ensure that the visitors will not skip to the competition, feeling frustrated that they haven’t found what they had been looking for or needed time to understand the structure, navigation and the overall interface.

Unhappy customers are lost customers, as they are unlikely to come back or check the website on their PC. Additionally, that leaves an irreversible damage to the company brand and its online representation. Lack of a mobile-friendly website will surely annoy visitors and make them question the value the company puts in its marketing efforts or customer experience.

Many businesses have realised that and have adopted the idea to have a mobile ready website and to reap the benefits of offering their services online effortlessly on any smartphone. Some even go that extra mile to develop a mobile application for their business and further enhance their brand awareness and reach to customers.

Is your website mobile ready? Do not waste time and encompass more of your potential client base with a mobile version of your company site. Flat Rock specializes in developing an array of web, software and mobile solutions and can help you expand your business quickly and professionally. Take a look at our portfolio or contact us for more information.

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