Why Magento? A Review


by Teodor, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

Nowadays online shopping is vital for the business. However, this service is not only another opportunity. If someone would like to increase their sales and benefits from their product or service, they need to use the advantages of the e-commerce platforms. This trend requires more technical knowledge indeed and not all of the business owners can handle it.

That is why most of them are working with IT companies to develop their own e-commerce websites. The vital moment in this particular service is choosing the best and suitable e-commerce shopping cart, which will fit in the customer requirements and expectations.

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous and reliable shopping carts is Magento, because this cart has a lot of features, which are very useful for the business owners and clients.

→ Magento is open source and it is a free shopping cart.

→ Some of the key features, which are very attractive for the business owners:

→ Open source shopping cart

→ Analytics and Reporting - the script works closely with Google Analytics and the client can choose from a variety of different reports

→ Catalogue Management – a lot of features for creating the customer catalogue

→ Customer Account – customer order status, RSS feeds for the products in the shopping bag, email options, a newsletter and default shipping and billing address

→ Variety of different payment methods – PayPal, cheques, money orders, supporting many different payment modules such as ePay and etc.

→ SEO – The clients can find fast a particular product from the portfolio and that will save a lot of time

→ Marketing tools and promotions (e.g. discounts)

→ Checkout functionality – a simple page and SSL support. All this can be done without having an account.

Additional advantages are included in Magento are:

→ Filtering of categories and navigation tools

→ Fast searching results

→ Product overview

→ Different shipping options – multiple addresses, UPS, DHL and FedEx support

→ Navigation

Magento shopping cart is a good choice for a start-up business, but also for retails. It is user friendly and even if you don’t have in-depth technical knowledge, it won’t be a big issue, because with the 3 day tour in the Magento backend, a particular user can easily start operating with the platform. Attractive, customizable and feature rich shopping cart is the dream of every online seller. Magento can turn this dream into reality.

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