Flat Rock Managing Director Ran Berger on Outsourcing and the IT Job Market

Flat Rock Technology Managing Director Ran Gazit Berger talks about his experience with the European IT market and the pool of talent in Eastern Europe, especially in Bulgaria.

The interview was taken at the National Career Days in Varna, where Flat Rock stirred substantial interest from other companies and candidates.

„When we started the business, we worked with a number of outsourcing partners from Eastern Europe – Romania, Moldova, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria. One of our partners was actually based here in Varna and we found that there is a very big potential in this city. The competition is not as big and as fierce as we have in Sofia but still you have three very good technical universities. People are very skilled and very loyal to their employers. The general environment is very friendly and very easy to do business in.” shared Ran Berger.

Watch the video to find out about Flat Rock services and clients and the challenges in recruiting high skilled IT professionals.


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