Custom web application and extranet system that allows the company to sell bicycles via their distribution network effortlessly.

    About the client

    Brompton, a renowned bicycle manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, holds a prominent position within the industry. Since its inception in 1975, Brompton has consistently produced folding bikes that have become iconic. The inaugural folding bike, conceptualized and crafted in London, continues to serve as the foundation for Brompton's present-day models. Even after several decades, Brompton maintains its commitment to London, operating as a bicycle manufacturer within the city. With annual production exceeding 50,000 bikes, Brompton caters to a global market, distributing its exceptional bicycles to numerous countries worldwide.

    The Challenge

    Brompton recognized the necessity for a comprehensive web application and system that would cater to the needs of its global distributors and dealers. The objective was to create a user-friendly and efficient platform that offered both comfort and functionality. The client's primary requirement was a modern, reliable, and speedy platform that enabled customers to customize their bicycles. This included the ability to choose parts and accessories that seamlessly integrated with one another, ensuring a perfect fit. Additionally, Brompton sought a streamlined extranet system that facilitated dynamic data management for distributors and dealers. This system would empower them to conveniently place orders and manage their accounts with ease.

    The Solution

    To fulfill Brompton's requirements, Flat Rock undertook the development of a tailor-made web application and a streamlined extranet system with a focus on meeting dependencies. The bespoke web application was designed to cater to the specific needs and preferences of distributors and dealers. Users are provided with a comprehensive range of bike parts and accessories, enabling them to create a customized bike that aligns perfectly with their individual style and preferences. The system's key feature is its dependency-based logic, which ensures that users cannot build bicycles with incompatible components. By incorporating dependencies, the system intelligently guides users in their choices, preventing the selection of parts that won't work together.

    Customization options

    With the Brompton bike builder, users have the freedom to personalize every aspect of their bike using a wide range of pre-selected parts. Some of these parts are mandatory for finalizing the product. The intuitive interface allows users to compare various bike models based on specific criteria, incorporate multiple specifications, and effortlessly create a bike that perfectly aligns with their preferences, body type, comfort requirements, and style.

    Streamlined extranet system

    A streamlined extranet system allows distributors and dealers of the bikes to place their orders that feature multiple profiles easily. The system has dynamic management of data, enabling distributors and dealers to manage data effectively, including users, accounts, and orders.

    Tree hierarchy structure

    The ordering system is made in a tree hierarchy structure that manages complex relations between the different accounts, and the Single Sign-on (SSO) option allows access to multiple sub-platforms.

    Access for the different user groups

    Its back end represents a complex system that assigns access to the different user groups (manufacturers and dealers) on several levels. The data received during the bicycle build is being cached, which allows faster performance.

    The Outcome

    Today, Brompton relies on our custom-built web application and system to facilitate the sale of their bicycles worldwide. The user-friendly UX/UI and efficient system empower customers to effortlessly create their dream bicycles in just a few simple steps. Additionally, the platform enables distributors to efficiently manage their orders, ensuring quick and effective order processing. With our bespoke web app and system in place, Brompton enjoys a seamless experience for both customers and distributors, enhancing their global sales operations.


    • ASP.NET Framework 4
    • HTML5
    • JavaScript


    • Custom-built extranet system
    • Custom web application


    • Custom software development
    • UX/UI
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance


    • .NET unit
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • UX/UI

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