Contact Master

Cloud-powered business card scanner app

Are you having A LOT of new contacts to manage?

Contact Master

helps you solve this and transform a business card into an active contact within a second.Contact Master is a tool tailored for professionals to solve the manual and time-consuming business card to contacts list entry and to save the time for what it is needed for – making partnerships and doing business.

  • Managing a Large Number of Contacts

    Easily filter and search for specific People, Position or Firm within the Contacts List and send them your message in a few seconds.

  • Time Saving

    Contact Master allows you to receive AND send contact details, ensuring that it is a complete communication channel with your business contacts and with your colleagues/partners

  • Ease of Use

    Absolutely effective. Genuinely intuitive.

  • Keep Track. Set Reminders

    Set reminders, send meeting requests, include voice comments and attachments to contacts and find the right in a flash. That easy.

You can also set reminders and send direct meeting request synched with your calendar to anyone in your contacts list.

You can store all of your contacts and business details in one place, including attachments and voice notes to each contact.


You can also share any of the contacts with your colleagues and business partners, ensuring a single point of storing and distributing contacts information. Native implementations are used in Android and iOS to ensure the complete usability as per the user settings and preferred communication apps.

Build Your Own Digital Business Card

And Send It To Anyone

You can build your own digital business card and send it to anyone via email as a regular contact details file, ensuring your contact details go into your partners` Address List and not into the pile of cards.