Coffee is no longer considered as simply “a drink”, it is a lifestyle

Wholesale coffee beans supplier
offering exclusive Italian coffee brands

Doppio Coffee is a coffee wholesale company that aims to build a bridge between roasters, coffee equipment manufacturers, and independent coffee shops. Doppio believes in providing a variety of coffee beans to suit all tastes and budgets, offering 6 brands and 13 blends.

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Doppio is not just a
coffee warehouse
but a place

where all coffee lovers and businesses can find everything they need, starting from untraditional coffee brands and barista accessories to special equipment and repair services.

That is one

of the main reasons why an update of their website was essential, making it simple and modern and providing an e-space that will offer coffee brands and equipment just a click away.

Find Everything

It doesn’t matter whether you are a client, coffee equipment manufacturer or an independent coffee shop, you can find everything from Italian espresso to single origin specialty coffee on Doppio’s brand new e-commerce platform.

Comparison feature

All products are now categorized and you can quickly check on their availability. The comparison feature makes it easy to choose between several types of different coffee by comparing both in a simple and comprehensible table. No more hesitating between Danesi and Duke.


Being a café owner comes with a full package of responsibilities – purchasing coffee equipment and knowing how to optimally use it in order to produce the best coffee for your clients are just two of them. Now you can save time and order online from Doppio, or book a training session, where Doppio’s team can teach you how to produce a great cup of coffee.

Our work

The website is based on Magento Community Edition. Our team has implemented the e-commerce platform with a responsive design theme, chosen by the client and customized further to his specifications to make the website easy to use. The checkout process is simple and fast - available for both registered and guest users.