Virtual Account Manager - The chatbot, designed to handle conversations with advertisers and publishers on Skype

    Meet Ella - Your Virtual Account Manager

    Ella is a skype bot created to help Purify Digital’s team in their intense daily agenda, by assisting them on a regular basis to their clients and ensuring they don’t miss any new offers/wish lists from Publishers and Advertisers.

    About the project

    Purify Digital has embarked on a mission to enhance operational efficiency by automating its processes through the implementation of a customized chatbot solution. In parallel to the chatbot implementation, our team will also develop a robust back-end system.This system will serve as the central hub for data access, configuration, extraction, and analysis. The chatbot's capabilities will extend beyond basic customer interactions. It will be designed to handle a range of tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions, providing product information, processing orders, and even assisting with complex inquiries or troubleshooting. By automating these processes, Purify Digital will significantly reduce manual workload, free up valuable resources, and achieve faster response times for their customers.

    Why Ella?

    Ella is a game-changing chatbot that revolutionizes brand-to-customer communication while delivering significant cost and resource savings. With Ella by your side, you can rely on timely assistance, round-the-clock availability, and unwavering accuracy. Let's explore the top seven benefits that Ella brings to your business:

    ella benefits

    Ella's benefits

    Customer care improvement

    Enhancing customer satisfaction through prompt and personalized support

    24/7 availability

    Providing round-the-clock access to assistance and information

    Purchase process simplification

    Streamlining the purchasing journey for customers, making it convenient and user-friendly

    Resource Saving

    Automating repetitive tasks and inquiries, reducing the need for manual intervention

    Personalized Service

    Tailoring interactions and recommendations based on individual customer preferences

    The best response to client's demand and supply

    Responding promptly and accurately to customer demands and inquiries

    Offers never get buried in skype messages

    Ensuring that all offers and messages are promptly attended to and properly tracked

    ella chat functionality

    Ella Identifies Geos and OS for Enhanced Message Analysis

    Ella is keyword-sensitive as well and picks on messages that contain geos and OS for example. It will not pick up any messages that for example only contain the names of the apps and no GEO or OS.


    • JQuery
    • Vue.JS
    • MS SQL


    • Chat bot development
    • Custom design


    • Custom Software Development
    • UX&UI
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance


    • Project management
    • .NET development
    • UX & UI
    • Quality assurance

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