Advanced iOS and Android application designed to provide discreet and effective tracking and monitoring solutions

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    About the client

    Hiddentec is a market leader in the field of tracking technology. It has been designing and manufacturing secure, stand-alone tracking solutions for police, military, government, and high-end corporate clients for almost 20 years. Their solutions are in use in over 50 countries at the highest levels. The systems created by Hiddentec are used to remotely track high-value assets, personnel, and vehicles, providing real-time information and historical data. Hiddentec has offices in the UK, USA, The Netherlands, and the Middle East, along with a network of agents and representatives around the world.

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    The Challenge

    To enhance its tracking and monitoring capabilities, Hiddentec recognized the need for a mobile application to complement its existing desktop software suite. The goal was to provide a modern, fast, and powerful platform that enables seamless monitoring and tracking of their specialized devices on a global scale. By expanding its software offerings to include a mobile application, Hiddentec aimed to optimize its processes and provide users with a convenient and efficient solution for device tracking and monitoring.

    The Solution

    In response to the client's needs, Flat Rock Technology developed Android and iOS mobile applications that revolutionized asset tracking and monitoring. These applications empowered users to track assets in real time, eliminating the requirement for desktop access. Integration with Google Maps provided precise location information, while SignalR facilitated seamless real-time tracking functionality.

    The mobile applications went beyond basic tracking capabilities. They allowed operators to define geofences, triggering alerts and notifications whenever assets entered or exited designated areas. Furthermore, the applications seamlessly integrated with the client's server software, enabling operators to receive push notifications for generated alerts.The mobile applications incorporated end-to-end encryption and robust authentication protocols to ensure the safety and confidentiality of data transmitted and stored within the app.

    Core Features and Functionalities

    End-to-end encryption

    An end-to-end encryption system allows operators to exchange data without the possibility for a third party to decrypt it.


    A sophisticated authentication method enables the client to keep their network secured from unauthenticated users.

    Google Maps integration & Geofencing

    Google Maps integrations allow operators to track and monitor the movements of devices. Using the geofencing feature, operators can receive notifications when devices enter or leave designated areas.

    SignalR for real-time tracking

    SignalR is used for real-time tracking, allowing operators to see real-time data as it is received from trackers, and view locations on the map.

    hiddentec application screens

    The Outcome

    The Hiddentec App (HT App) provides seamless access to GPS tracker data for users of Hiddentec's HT Server software. With this app, users can effortlessly track and monitor their devices, access historical data, utilize command and control features, and create personalized geofences. The HT App also offers the convenience of push notification alerts directly to users' phones from Hiddentec's HT Server. Stay connected and in control of your tracking devices with the intuitive features of the Hiddentec App.


    • ASP.NET Core
    • SignalR
    • Android/iOS


    • Android mobile application
    • iOS mobile application
    • Server instance
    • API


    • Custom Mobile Development
    • Server architecture and mobile services
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance


    • Mobile Development
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • UX/UI

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