A social network and tool aggregator
for scientists

A place where everyone can share and
download scientific tools freely

LabWorm is a social network and tool aggregator for scientists and biology enthusiasts. It’s a place where everyone can share and download scientific tools freely. It lets you stay updated on the newest and most relevant tools for your research in the fields of Biology, Genetics, BioInformatics and Microbiology.

  • Departments

    Project management

    PHP development


    Quality assurance

  • Services




  • Technologies


    Laravel Framework

    Standard FE Technologies

    (HTML5, CSS3, JS, etc.)


    AWS (EC2, S3 and RDS)




    Sass for FE Building

    Other 3rd Party Services


  • Deliverables

    Graphic design


The aim of LabWorm is to


the traditional way of doing scientific work, giving the power back to the scientists in the lab.

Flat Rock Technology

constantly upgrades LabWorm, adds and improves new features, supports and develops

the platform, adding more and more value to the product over time.

The website is

based on PHP

and it offers a simple registration - you can login through Facebook, Twitter or Google+. User profiles contain some information about the users, a photo and give access to a lot of functionalities. As a registered user, you can start discussions, upload and rate tools as well as leave comments and follow other scientists on LabWorm. You can browse through all the tools as well as search for them by name, collection or popularity. All tools are approved by the website administrators before upload.

scientific publications

The website also contains a blog in which people can read about scientific discoveries and various scientific publications regarding biology and similar sciences.

A great


over other websites is that you can message the tool developers and ask them questions about their product or give them feedback. LabWorm asks all owners if they want to leave their contact details for people to contact them in case they have a business inquiry or would like to learn more about their tool.

A weekly newsletter

is available, containing the best rated tools and some other tool suggestions, all sent to your e-mail so that you can have a look at each week’s best.