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It has been a pleasure working with the world class trader Lex Van Dam in developing his website and training academy. The training academy is a way for people of all backgrounds to learn about trading and finance, stock and developing a sense of how the financial markets will move.

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You simply need to register and choose your selected program, after which you receive videos and documents, describing how to buy and sell stock properly and at what time in order to earn the most profit.

  • FX: Trading Psychology

  • Stocks: Trading Psychology

  • Spread Analysis

  • FX: Risk Management

  • Technical Strategies: Trading plan

Lex’s favourite
technical trading
strategies for FX

You can learn about FX, stock, commodities and specialist trading strategies. All programs include Lex’s proven strategies, the latest in market intelligence and professional insight. The Academy also has training events and offers access to Lex’s economic indicator library.

5 Step

With over 20 years of experience in the trading industry, Lex Van Dam is a hedge fund manager and creator of the shows called “5 Step Trading” and “Million Dollar Traders”, which aired on the BBC. He continues to teach trading and investing to an ever-growing global following of novice and experienced traders.

Dollar Traders

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Lex aims to provide unbiased financial education that empowers people to make the best decisions for their particular financial circumstances, and to contribute to the transparency and quality of the financial education industry.

Lex is regulated
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Lex is regulated by the FCA and the Academy adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards, such as the US President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability Guide ‘For City and Community Leaders to Create Financially Capable Communities’ released in April 2012, the World Bank’s ‘Global Program on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy’ and the ‘White Paper on Financial Services 2005–2012’, European Commission.

Lex is also working with
local partners

Lex is also working with local partners to launch education projects in several countries including the USA, China, Russia, India, Japan and many more. Those partners are a wide variety of NGOs, governmental organizations, local communities, student and academic organizations, media companies, etc.