Lex Van Dam

    Website and Trading Academy

    About the client

    With over 20 years of experience in the trading industry, Lex Van Dam is a hedge fund manager and creator of the shows called “5 Step Trading” and “Million Dollar Traders”, which aired on the BBC. He continues to teach trading and investing to an ever-growing global following of novice and experienced traders. Lex aims to provide unbiased financial education that empowers people to make the best decisions for their particular financial circumstances and to contribute to the transparency and quality of the financial education industry.

    The Project

    Our team had the privilege of collaborating with Lex Van Dam to create his website and training academy. The primary objective of the training academy was to provide individuals from diverse backgrounds with a comprehensive platform for learning about trading and finance. This included gaining knowledge about stocks and developing a keen sense of how the financial markets operate and fluctuate. The website we developed for Lex Van Dam's training academy serves as a hub of educational resources, offering a wide range of courses, tutorials, and tools to empower aspiring traders and finance enthusiasts. The platform is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, ensuring that learners can navigate through the materials with ease.

    Full HD Video Modules

    By incorporating video modules, the training academy enhances the learning process by providing visual demonstrations and explanations that supplement the theoretical knowledge provided in the course materials. This interactive approach helps learners develop a practical understanding of trading concepts and equips them with the skills necessary to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of financial markets.

    The outcome

    Our team worked closely with Lex Van Dam to ensure that the website and training academy reflected his expertise and vision. The result is a dynamic and engaging online platform that provides a valuable educational experience for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of trading and finance.


    • MySQL
    • HTML5


    • Website
    • Trading Academy


    • Custom Software Development
    • UX/UI
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance


    • Open Source
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • UX/UI

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