Mobile application that helps students seeking jobs connect with people that need assistance

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    About the client

    The concept of Toptask began when the creator of the app was traveling in Italy with his daughter and was visiting historical sites and museums. He needed someone that had a genuine interest in history to give him and his daughter a tour. “What if there was a history student that's really passionate about museums and historical sites, who could offer us a tour?” - He thought.

    Core Features and Functionalities

    Registration for students

    Students input university and skills, search tasks by tags, and undergo verification.

    Profile for employers

    Employers input task details and desired specifications, while students apply freely.

    Personalized student profiles

    Students have personalized profiles showcasing skills, ratings from past employers.

    Chat Feature

    The app also includes a chat option between students and employers.

    All jobs in the area

    Students have access to all available jobs in their area.

    Students and Employers Ratings

    Upon task completion, students receive payment and mutual ratings are exchanged. Ratings are visible in profiles for future selection.

    The right person for the job

    Imagine how hard was finding a job as a student several years ago. Now with the advent of technology and Toptask, the process is significantly simplified. This is the first app that offers such a straightforward ease of access and flexibility, and it is about to revolutionize the student jobs market.



    • Java
    • Objective - C
    • Android Studio


    • iOS Application
    • Android Application


    • Custom Mobile Development
    • UX/UI
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance


    • Mobile Development
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • UX/UI

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