A revolutionary mobile application
that helps students seeking jobs connect with people that need assistance

iOS and Android mobile application for students

Toptask is a revolutionary mobile application, that helps students seeking help with tuition, connect with people that need assistance in the fields of tutoring, office work, languages, child care and much more.

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    Project management


    Mobile application development

    Quality assurance

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  • Technologies


    Objective - C

    Android Studio

    AFNetworking libraries




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    Concept development

    App UX/UI

    Mobile development

about the project

The concept of Toptask began, when the creator of the app was traveling in Italy with his daughter and was visiting historical sites and museums. He needed someone that had genuine interest in history to give him and his daughter a tour. “What if there was a history student that's really passionate about museums and historical sites, who could offer us a tour?” -
He thought.


Toptask allows you to register as a student or as a user - employer.

Registration for students

Students have to input which university they’re studying at, as well as their relevant skills. Students can search for tasks by skill tags and job descriptions. All students are verified by the application administrators before being let to apply for tasks.

Registration as an employer

As an employer, you input your details and the task you need completed. Then, you select how many hours the job takes, or the fixed price for the completed work. When that’s set, students can apply for the job freely.

The user can simply select the student they deem fit for the job by simply looking at their profile, which contains a list of his skills and competences, as well as their rating with previous employers. A single student is selected to complete the given task, after which, they must confirm that they will do so.

  • Personalized profile

    Every student has a personalized profile that outlines their skills and competencies and also includes ratings with previous employers.

  • Includes an option to Chat

    The app also includes a chat option between students and employers.

  • All available jobs

    Students have access to all available jobs in their area.

Students and employers ratings

When the task is finished and properly completed, the student receives their payment. The app allows students and employers to rate each other based on the work completed and the task given. These ratings are displayed in the profiles of both the student and the employer. This way it is very easy to later select the right person for the job.