2021 Year in review – Looking back at the most exciting events of the year

The year 2021 has proved itself to be even more difficult than the previous one. Given the unusual circumstances and the lack of any and all social activities for the past two years, our work was also affected by Covid-19 and the following events. We continued our work-from-home schedule with the option of working in one of our office locations if only the mandatory health and safety precautions were being followed.

Flat Rock Technology expanded

During this year the company continued adding new offices in countries where our clients are located in order for us to improve our business approach and work close to them. We opened not one or two - but three new office locations in Ruse and Burgas, Bulgaria, and Budapest, Hungary.

We recruited more than 150 new employees

Our team also continued to grow. This year we recruited more than 150 new people, reaching over 350 employees so far. Our mission is to continue to work with as many talented people from every part of the world as possible. United from seven locations our team is determined to work towards implementing the best solutions that our clients require.

Clutch named us TOP BPO company

The US-based B2B review and rating company acknowledged us in their annual software companies list. For two consecutive years in a row, we were recognized as a TOP BPO company by Clutch, the independent review agency. Flat Rock Technology was yet again awarded as a leading company among other competitors in the service-provider industry. Along with that we further managed to expand our large list of projects and clients in the outsourcing and e-commerce business.

Our corporate responsibility

We became Carbon Assessed and Carbon Neutral. Nowadays, it is essential for companies to understand Carbon Footprint is what creates the biggest impact on the Ecological world scale (over 60%). At Flat Rock Technology, we aim to reduce carbon dioxide, emit, and offset our emissions by funding green projects that bring benefits to individuals, communities, and the environment.

Our achievements

One of the many exciting events during this year was undoubtedly our official collaboration with the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies. Flat Rock Technology became a member of the association which further broadened our national partnership scale and collaboration possibilities. BASSCOM is the industry association working towards implementing best company practices, ensuring a fair partnership between both sides, and promoting competitive advantages all the way through. This partnership presents us with the opportunity to be noticed globally among industry employers, as well as to potentially collaborate with the government, academic institutions, and national universities. Our future work together will determine our impact on setting a foundation for the growing and ever-changing software industry in Bulgaria.

2022 Here We Come!

This year brought us additional challenges as a result of the ongoing global pandemic. They affected not only our day-to-day way of working but our business as well. We were required to implement extra efforts in order to ensure transparent online client communication was achieved.

We will leave 2021 with the conclusion that despite all the restrictions affecting the world, our company managed to grow while increasing our team and preserving the company’s values throughout the difficult times. In the next year 2022, we will pursue our goal to work towards innovative software solutions and to better serve our clients' needs alongside the enormously talented people who work for us.

In this sense, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you! Two words – You Rock!

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