2022 Year in review – A look back at everything that happened in a year

This year has been a tremendous and eventful year filled with new challenges for everyone, businesses included. Apart from the world healing from the last two pandemic years and slowly going back to the familiar work and lifestyle we know, we were faced with other world events that had an effect on everyone’s lives.

However, in 2022 our team managed to adapt to the many changes we faced and continued working with the same drive and dedication we are used to. Some of the many milestones, awards, and recognitions formed our year and made it even more enjoyable for all of us! Last but not least, we also renewed our tradition to get together, talk and share what we are most excited about during our office events!

Flat Rock Technology opened new offices

Not long after the year started, we proudly announced our new office spaces. First, we began with Burgas where we opened a new office in May in their new Smart Business Center in town. Since then, our team in the city grew even more and we happily onboarded new talents to the already existing team.

Then, it was Budapest’s turn! We opened a spacious new office with lots of green spaces, where our colleagues can enjoy working in an office area. Our plan is to continue to grow and develop our services in both cities and recruit new talents who are also motivated to work their way to success.

More about the opening you can find here.

We opened our company for the young specialists

In March this year, we held a special course for young Marketing specialists called “Media Academy” where students from local universities had the chance to join us in our offices and learn more about the profession. For a short period of time, they’ve had numerous activities, lectures, video calls, and valuable discussions with specialists first-hand. At the end of the course, they tested their skills and were certified for their achievements.

But our initiatives did not end there. In April we were awarded for our participation at the University of Economics in Varna – IT masterclass, where our own specialists conducted a few lectures in spring and later in the summer as well. Having had the opportunity to directly educate them and influence their view of this industry and the many opportunities it offers, has been an enormous joy for us and we are grateful that we get to be a part of these young specialists’ upbringing.

We were awarded

Apart from sharing our experience and expertise with a couple of media outlets, we were also featured in an article about our achievements. Clutch – the leading independent B2B review and rating company recognized us in their annual software companies list. We were awarded among the TOP Laravel Developers in 2022 according to voluntary client reviews.

Our second award came from their sister platform – The Manifest, which awarded us as one of the Most Reviewed SQL Developers Companies in Bulgaria. They introduced their new category which is based solely on reviews in the past 12 months. We are beyond proud to be recognized in the B2B industry for a second time this year and to continue winning the trust and appreciation of our partners and clients.

Our corporate responsibility

As every global company, we realize the immense responsibility we hold for our communities, the business, and everyone involved in it. We always strive to perform an excellent job, especially when it comes to our corporate duties.

We understand that CO2e emissions hold a significant place in the negative impact humans, businesses and organizations have on the environment and we don’t take lightly the global warming crisis and environmental threats. That is why being sustainable remained a priority in 2022 in the way we operate as an organization. In that sense, we calculated our carbon emissions and were successfully audited by a specialist who evaluated our carbon footprint for the past year.

As a result, Flat Rock Technology has been certified as Carbon Assessed and Carbon Neutral by Carbon Footprint Ltd with 52 tonnes of carbon dioxide, including electricity, gas, and water consumption, home-working, and means of transportation. Furthermore, the report proved that we have significantly reduced our carbon consumption, compared to 2021, even though most of the travel, events, and activities restrictions have been lifted in the past year.  

Along with that, we took part in three offsetting programs from their portfolio. The first one is the Amazon and its problems with unplanned deforestation. Founded in 2012, the project is expected to avoid over 22 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions over a 40-year period.

The other program we supported is the Mariposas Hydroelectric Project, which is concentrated on the construction and operation of a 6.3MW Run-Of-River hydropower plant. The Project uses the local waters to generate electricity from renewable hydrological resources which are later restored to the same irrigation system.

The last one uses wind power to generate clean renewable electricity and supply it to the national grid of Uruguay. The developed wind farm consists of 25 wind turbines which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring many social community benefits to the region of Uruguay.

More about the projects and our process to becoming a CO2-neutral company.

Our achievements

Our look back would not be completed without recognizing our own efforts and motivation to become one of the leaders in this industry. Recently, after we opened our new office in Budapest we were approached by the Hungarian British Business Association HBBA. Shortly after, we became a part of the association as a new company in Hungary and an experienced one in Great Britain, where our headquarters still is to this day.

We are excited about the enormous possibilities this new partnership could bring us and we strongly believe that this is the right path for us to expand our scope of possibilities in the business. Our goal is to continue working towards creating valuable collaborations with companies and organizations, while also ensuring fair business practices are being followed.

This year we applied for and successfully obtained ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018. The certification stands for industry-proved service management system requirements (SMS). The requirements mentioned include planning, design, transition, delivery, and improvement of services to meet the service requirements and deliver value. This means that having this document is a huge responsibility for any organization to implement best practices and continue to maintain the best standards according to the service management system. This also offers direct value for customers who are seeking services and demanding quality for those services from the organization which supplies them. In this sense, Flat Rock Technology manages to execute all of those requirements.

We secured a place on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 Framework too. In 2022 Flat Rock Technology had the opportunity to provide services to the UK public organizations through the new Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 framework under two categories: Digital Outcomes and Digital Specialists. Our company provides a series of other software development services including outsourcing anything from data management and e-commerce to business and finance.

We also obtained G-Cloud 13 Status in Government’s Digital Marketplace. This year we received honorary approval to be able to provide cloud-based services to public organizations in the UK through the Government’s Digital Marketplace. The services we supply them with fall under the Cloud Hosting and Cloud Support categories. 

2023, we are ready!

This year has been yet another valuable experience for Flat Rock Technology. We have learned a lot about how to adapt to the ever-changing industry of technology, but also how to maintain social and corporate responsibility. Next year, we are going to multiply our achievements and apply the lessons learned in the past year, so that our current and future clients continue recognizing a reliable software development partner in the face of Flat Rock Technology.

Furthermore, we will pursue our goals and work towards creating new innovative projects alongside the many talents who associate themselves with the company. We, at Flat Rock Technology, express our sincere gratitude to our new and long-standing partners and to everyone who works and chooses to grow with us every single day.

Congratulations, Rockstars on the successful ending of 2022!

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