Measuring and offsetting our Carbon Footprint

Flat Rock Technology received a Carbon Footprint assessment Certification and became Carbon Neutral! 

As a responsible company, we understand the importance of being sustainable and reducing the negative impact on the environment. The ecological and environmental effects of humans, companies, and organizations on our ecosystem should not be ignored. Today we are seeing the impact of humanity's ecological footprint and stand in front of the climate change risks and environmental threats. Carbon Footprint makes up to 60 percent of the Ecological Footprint and is a rapidly growing component. 

At Flat Rock Technology, we decided to be carbon neutral to ensure that our output has a neutral impact on the environment. To achieve our goal, we approached Carbon Footprint Ltd that helped us assess our carbon footprint and become carbon neutral by becoming a part of their Gold Standard Carbon Offsetting projects. 

Getting CO2e assessed  

Carbon Footprint Ltd is an organization helping individuals, small and large businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprint emissions. 

We calculated Flat Rock Technology's total carbon emission footprint from 1st of January 2020 to 31 December 2020.  The calculation uses the 2020 emission factors created by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA). Also, the department for business, Environmental, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for reporting emissions.  

Carbon Footprint Certificate

Let's see what the data says about our footprint.    

Flat Rock Technology's Carbon Emission 

When we started the process of getting Carbon Assessed we had four office locations - London, Amsterdam, Varna, and Tbilisi, and united 200 team members.  

To retrieve the data about Flat Rock's emission Carbon Footprint ltd used a combination of actual and estimated meter readings.  

  • Data about electricity and gas consumption was sourced from utility bills for our R&D centers. 
  • The total number of journeys and distances sourced from employee-claimed expenses and recipes. 

After the assessment, we found out that in total Flat Rock's emission was 35.12 tCO2e in 2020.  

Flat Rock Technology Carbon Footprint

The data showed that the majority of the emission is due to electricity consumption (69.2%), it is followed by gas consumption (15.5%) and flights (7.1%).  

Flat Rock Becomes Carbon Neutral 

 Calculating and understanding our carbon emissions is just a first step. We aim to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we emit to minimalize our negative impact. At the same time, we became carbon neutral!  

Flat Rock Technology is Carbon Neutral

Being Carbon Neutral means that we will offset the amount of carbon dioxide our organization is responsible for. With the partnership of Carbon Footprint Ltd, Flat Rock became a part of the Gold Standard Carbon Offset Projects. It gives us the opportunity to fund green projects that bring social, environmental, and community benefits, with the equivalent of how much CO2 we spent.  

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