Flat Rock Technology partners up with Teremarkets and enters The North American Market

Flat Rock Technology partners with Teremarkets

We are excited to announce that Flat Rock Technology is partnering up with the Teremarkets and is expanding its presence in North America.

Starting from June 2020 Flat Rock Technology enters the strategic partnership with Teremarkets, one of the leading B2B marketing companies in Canada. This strategic partnership is combining the industry-leading software solutions Flat Rock technology offers with Teremarket's first-class data-driven Marketing solutions. 

Through this partnership, Flat Rock Technology will provide software development and outsourcing services to the North American clientele. It will accelerate the development of both companies and create new possibilities and opportunities for further growth.  

"We are excited to announce the strategic partnership with Teremarkets. Flat Rock and Teremarkets share the same values and view when it comes to customer-centricity and quality. By bringing our forces together, we will be able to offer industry-leading, data-driven services to the clients in software development and B2B marketing solutions. 

Through the joint partnership, we will be able to continue our expansion and enter the North American Market, which is part of our strategic development plan. We are looking forward to serving North American clients and delivering solutions that we have been offering to our clients in Europe for 12 years now."  

- Ran Berger, CEO of Flat Rock Technology. 

About Flat Rock Technology  

Flat Rock Technology is a leading software development company in Europe, with offices in London, Varna, Tbilisi, and Amsterdam. The company provides an array of software development and outsourcing services across multiple industries. It offers complex solutions in mobile and web development, cloud management, data services, IT solutions and support, E-commerce and CMS Platforms and more.  

Learn more about Flat Rock Technology here.  


About Teremarkets 

Teremarkets is a Canada-based marketing company specializing in B2B marketing and technology that helps businesses find solutions for growth and development. The list of Teremarkete's services includes media operations, partners network, integrated services, programmatic ad-ops, and more. B2B solutions including product management, operations and growth management, and capital & innovation across industries like Finances, banking, media, and gaming.   

Learn more about Teremarkets here. 

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