Victoria McMahon Joins Flat Rock as a Global HR Director

Victoria McMahon Joins Flat Rock

We are excited to announce that Victoria McMahon has joined Flat Rock Technology as a global HR Director.  

Victoria will take over the human resources department and lead the team of HRs and recruiters on all of our locations, including the UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Georgia. 

“In the last few years, we have seen rapid growth. We expanded in Netherlands, Georgia, and opened a new office in Ruse, Bulgaria. Our team also grew as we added more than 100 new employees in the past 12 months. This created a need for having a Global HR director who would make sure that we have the same organizational culture across all the offices, increase the talent pool and follow the best international practices when it comes to employee recruitment, engagement and satisfaction. 

I believe that the international experience that Victoria brings to our team will help us scale our team further, simplify and streamline our processes and offer one of the best working places to our team members in all our locations.”  - Ran Berger, CEO 

Victoria has over 20 years of experience in human resources in a variety of industries and international companies. Past 12 years she held the position of HR Director. She specializes in creating engaging, innovative programs to maximize performance results.   

Her aim as an HR director is to inspire the development of people by being a creative catalyst for learning, culture, positivity, and growth. Victoria's experience covers all areas of HR including, recruitment, onboarding, culture, performance, Retention, Engagement, well-being, L&D, Strategy, Succession planning, People Plans, Leadership Development, Coaching, and mentoring. 

We sat down with Victoria to learn more about her goals and plans at Flat Rock Technology. 

You have experience with leading HR departments in multiple big companies worldwide. Why did you decide to Join Flat Rock?  

Flat Rock Technology is a growing organization with tremendous potential for further growth and a fantastic team of employees. It is an excellent opportunity for me to help it expand further and aid in the development and growth of those employees.  

What are your plans and goals for the company in the upcoming years? 

My main goal is to ensure we have a motivated, engaged, and productive workforce. Together with the HR department, I plan to create processes and procedures that help us be swifter in recruitment and more proactive in creating an engaging organizational culture. Flat Rock already has strong corporate values, organizational culture, and initiatives focused on career development and growth. We want to expand it further and implement new initiatives that help our employees grow and develop. 

With such a big competition for IT talents around the world, how will you ensure hiring the top talents?

It is no news that the IT field, and in that sense, every field, is very competitive when it comes to recruiting top talent. My focus will be on sourcing and hiring top professionals to amplify our international team. We are already working on streamlining our recruitment process to ensure we are attracting and engaging the best talent. We are reviewing our EVP and Employer brand and making sure to communicate it in the right way to the public.  

Flat Rock Technology already has a strong team of professionals from IT and other fields. Currently, we offer many wonderful lifestyle benefits and want to build on that. We are also benchmarking our salaries and benefits to offer an even more desirable package and expand our culture. 

We aim to make it even a better workplace for current and future employees. At the end of the day, our employee-centered culture, values, and shared passion are the best advocates for our company. 

We have recently implemented a hybrid working style, how will the HR department ensure team integrity and engagement? 

We employ great people with solid work ethics; And trust them to do their job well whether it is from the office, from home, or anywhere else. Even during the lockdowns when all the employees were working from home, the company managed to keep business as usual and team members fully engaged, thanks to our employee's high level of integrity.   

Business-wise we are keeping daily standups, training sessions, and meet-ups remote so everyone can join remotely or in the office. Ran, Our CEO, still meets all our new staff and has monthly introductions with new employees via video calls. We also have frequent events that can be attended remotely or in person. Covid has put some restrictions on what those are, but they will expand to more social events as soon as allowed. But even in the current situation, we make sure that the onboarding process of new employees goes smoothly and all the team members are engaged. 

I myself am working remotely, from Portugal but I will be traveling to the offices once the covid restrictions allow. 

What trends do you think will shape Human Resource departments over the next years?  

HR trends are constantly changing, but the main focus always will be the same - the people in the organization. We want to keep and build on the culture that has people in the heart of it. I want to ensure our HR department is up to date with current trends and indeed is a leader in the field. Our priority is to attract and retain the best candidates and for Flat Rock to be the best place to work where employees are happy and engaged in their role! 

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